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About the company


About the company

«CYBRUS» secure platform developer, «Kibernika» LLC, was founded in 2014. We strive to set trends in the field of secure communications and to create the industry leading solution for productive collaboration between employees and managing business processes for companies in Russia and CIS. The product we offer is as full-featured as the products developed by leading foreign communication service providers.

CYBRUS messenger is included into the unified register of Russian programs for computers and databases developed by the Ministry of Telecom and Mass Communications of the Russian Federation, and it is recommended for use in state institutions.


Licenses and certificates

Collaboration with clients from state and the financial sectors requires documented confirmation of the company and its products compliance with the requirements of federal authorities. «Kibernika» has all the licenses necessary for organizing the technical protection of information: FSB licensing, certification and protection license 0013899 № 15515Н to work with cryptography, FSTEC license №2997 for technical protection of confidential information and № 1596 license for the development and production of confidential information protection means, and we are currently undergoing certification procedures.

The team

A team of about 40 people is now engaged in the design and development of «CYBRUS». «Kibernika» technical specialists have a many years' experience in the development of communication systems with the use of information protection and data encryption technologies. The expertise of the team was confirmed by the high rating that «CYBRUS» gained while participating in the «State messenger» project organized by the Institute for the Development of the Internet. «CYBRUS» was qualified as one of the finalists of the competition.


Participation in the life of the industry

We are actively involved in the life of IT industry in Russia. «Kibernika» is a member of Information & Computer Technologies Industry Association (APKIT), «National software» association, and Russian Software Developers Association RUSSOFT.


Joint expertise and technologies of companies provide great opportunities for business development, for working on new markets and creating additional profits. «Kibernika» is open for cooperation with various IT market players: integrators, distributors, data centers and service providers, hardware and software manufacturers and suppliers. Today the list of «Kibernika» partners includes InfoTeKS LLC, Softline group of companies, LANIT group of companies, Syssoft, «Open Mobile Platform», and other.

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