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Confidential and commercial data protection from unauthorized access is a necessity for all companies, regardless of the industry and the number of employees. Establishing a secure communication system is vital for ensuring organization’s data integrity.

CYBRUS creates a unified space for collaboration and communication within the secure enterprise perimeter. Here the workflows and docflows of enterprises are protected on the technological level from everyone except the conversation participants. All types of data you work with in CYBRUS are protected at all stages of transmission and storage on the server and on devices.

CYBRUS helps to safeguard your company’s critical information in case of:

  • attempts of interceptions during data transfer and negotiations,
  • actions of malicious insiders,
  • employees’ negligence,
  • users’ devices loss or theft,
  • emergency situations.

Data protection and encryption

CYBRUS protects all the data that users share with each other and store in the system:

  • Communication is performed through secure channels: TLS protects client-server connections.
  • End-to-end encryption is applied to protect the traffic between users.
  • Network traffic of all types of communication is protected: messages, files, streaming audio and video data are transmitted encrypted.
  • Data on the devices of the users is stored in the encrypted database.
  • Data is stored on the server in the encrypted form.

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