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Video calls and conferences in HD


In the new "Cybrus" version, video calls and conferences on mobile and desktop devices are available in HD (High Definition) quality.

Videoconferencing in "Cybrus" can unite up to 250 people, 9 of which can simultaneously speak and demonstrate something to others. The quality of transmitted video is automatically adjusted to the quality of user connection and the camera. When the connection is poor, the image quality is low; in 4G networks and with a broadband connection video in "Cybrus" is transmitted in HD format with a maximum resolution of 1280x720 pixels. Moderators manage the conference and its participants in "Cybrus". To send video in HD, you need a camera that supports this resolution.

Videoconferencing makes distanced communication as similar to a real meeting as possible and fosters decision-making. It’s often easier to find time for a video call than to organize a meeting. With HD video quality, "Cybrus" becomes an even more effective solution for secure communication and collaboration.

We understand the importance of stability and the highest connection quality for online communication, therefore we constantly optimize the quality and expand the list of video conferencing features in "Cybrus". The screen sharing feature will be become available in one of the next updates, allowing users to make presentations during conferences and to discuss them with partners and clients.

To request a free testing of the new "Cybrus" version with improved video quality, please call 8 (495) 150-55-95 or leave your request on the website.

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